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Top 5 High-Performance Sports Cars

Automakers operate on an accelerated schedule. As you read this, designers are drawing up concept cars that will take shape two, three, or even five years from now! At Automotive Training Center (ATC), we love staying up-to-date on those hi-performance vehicles that really push industry boundaries and inspire tomorrow’s latest and greatest models. So, with […]

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Pros and Cons of Dual Console vs Center Console Marine Boats

If you’re weighing your options between dual console and center console boats, it’s easy to see the advantages and drawbacks for both. Which one’s easier to maintain, and better yet, which one will work best for the on-the-water activity you’ll be using it for most? Automotive Training Center’s (ATC’s) Marine Service Technology instructors and students […]

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How to Become a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel fuels everything from the U.S. Postal Service’s mail trucks to commercial generators that provide crucial power to hospitals and housing complexes during an outage. This type of engine’s enhanced efficiency and overall durability are universal advantages for large-scale equipment and even smaller passenger vehicles. Becoming a diesel mechanic means working with these fascinating systems […]

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Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Bucks County

On a clear-skied summer day, there’s no better way to enjoy the weather than by dining outdoors with good friends! Luckily, restaurant owners in Bucks County have got it figured out. Peep the county’s best patios, gardens, and courtyards where you can nibble on divine cuisine outdoors this summer season. LA STALLA Open air dining […]

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5 Tips for Repairing Minor Scratches on Your Car

For most of us, scratches and scuffs are an inevitable part of car ownership. Whether a stray cart finds your bumper in the grocery store parking lot or a pebble grazes your hood on the highway, scratches happen. The good news is, making a minor scratch disappear happens to be a minor job that you […]

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Top 5 Tools in a Modern Collision Technician’s Tool Box

A collision repair technician relies on a variety of different tools and pieces of equipment to reverse the effects of damage or age on a vehicle. If you had to pick just 5 tools to put in your tool box to start your collection which would you choose? See which must-have devices make the list […]

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