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5 Tips for Repairing Minor Scratches on Your Car

For most of us, scratches and scuffs are an inevitable part of car ownership. Whether a stray cart finds your bumper in the grocery store parking lot or a pebble grazes your hood on the highway, scratches happen. The good news is, making a minor scratch disappear happens to be a minor job that you […]

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3 Procedures You’ll Master as an Automotive Technician

From changing the oil to optimizing engine performance, automotive technicians are all-around vehicle experts who get to work on cars every day. And, thanks to a variety of systems to look after, no two days are the same. If becoming an automotive technician is a future career path you’d like to pursue, ready your tool […]

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Keeping Your Cool: How to Address Engine Coolant Before Things Go Wrong

Coolant is one of the essential fluids that keeps your car running at peak performance, but it’s also one that most owners tend to overlook until it’s too late. The best way to prevent getting stranded on the shoulder of a highway with a smoking engine starts with paying attention to your car’s coolant level. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Tires

Many questions tend to come up on the topic of choosing the best tires for your vehicle. And now that we’re in the thick of winter and dealing with some snowy road situations, the loudest ones we’re hearing are all about snow tires. To help our local drivers and aspiring technicians think twice about their […]

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Why Changing Your Car’s Air Filter Is More Important Than You Think

To automotive technicians in training, preventative maintenance like changing your car’s air filter quickly become second nature. Plus, techs with firsthand experience working in a shop quickly learn that for vehicle owners reluctant to bring in their vehicles at regular intervals, the smallest maintenance items can become the biggest problems (see the dangers of forgetting […]

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5 Auto Body Painting Safety Tips

Sanding, painting, or applying solvent or fillers is a daily duty of professional and practicing collision repair technicians. But no technician or hobbyist should ever put their health in danger for the perfect paint job. At ATC, we take auto body painting safety seriously and our shop-based training sessions are always accompanied by the proper […]

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How to Hammer Out Car Dents Completely: Tips from a Collision Repair Technician

When a car’s body is dented, the sheet metal’s integrity is altered. To rework it back to its original shape, collision repair technicians purposefully apply tools and proper techniques. Whether you’re embarking on your own DIY dent removal or just interested in seeing what the process entails from an expert’s point of view, the following […]

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Should You Use Aftermarket Auto Parts or OEM Parts for Your Next Car Project?

DIY auto enthusiasts are certainly no strangers to the performance advantages of aftermarket auto parts, but manufacturer-made parts also bring their own unique benefits. When you start a new project in the shop, do you consider both aftermarket and OEM parts or just automatically go for one over the other? For your next car project, […]

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How to Get Car Paint Off Windows

You’ve just completed what you believe to be a stellar, even paint job until you peel back your window coverings and see a pesky paint smudge smack dab in the middle of where you didn’t want it. Instinct tells you to run the wipers but not so fast: Doing so could make everything worse. Luckily, […]

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