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4 Traits of a Successful ASE-Certified Technician

If you’re embarking on career training in the automotive space, you’ve likely heard of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the industrywide-recognized organization that oversees technician training practices and shop standards. In the infographic below, ATC took a look at some of the habits and skills these proven technicians exhibit. Do you have […]

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Eco Friend or Foe: How Efficient Are Eco-Friendly SUVs?

We know what you’re thinking: “Eco-friendly SUV: Isn’t that a little misleading?” For the majority of their existence, SUVs have been more or less considered gas-guzzling machines. But new advancements in auto technology are distancing large vehicles from this image as automakers make SUV versions that rely on alternative fuel sources permanent members of their […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Your Career Possibilities After Vo-Tech + ATC

Vo-tech used to be the only required training for aspiring automotive and marine technicians, but as the auto industry has advanced, so have the training requirements for technicians in the field. Today’s employers actively seek candidates who already have two years of post-secondary training under their belts. Classroom theory and hands-on, shop-based practice put you […]

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A Look Through the History of ATC

For those seeking a career in the automotive industry, getting training at a well-established, accredited school should be a top consideration. Founded in 1917 in Philadelphia, PA, Automotive Training Center (ATC) certainly has strong roots in automotive excellence. ATC’s enduring history and many industry-level achievements help our graduates craft successful careers as auto technicians and […]

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Available Resources That Make Auto Training School Affordable

Attempting to pay for an education on your own is no small undertaking. We know it’s easy to get discouraged by tuition numbers, textbook prices, and the like because we’ve been there ourselves. The good thing is, those interested in enrolling in courses at Automotive Training Center have multiple ways to help get this cost […]

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What Will You Find at an ATC Open House?

New homeowners tour their to-be homes, new car owners take test drives, and those after a career in the auto industry attend an ATC open house. Launching a career in the automotive, hi-performance, collision, or marine service industries is a thrilling opportunity. But finding the right school that offers the training and expertise to take […]

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How Close Are We to Driverless Cars?

When we think of the far-off future, many of us envision a Jetsons-type scene, the most striking element being a flurry of flying cars buzzing around. And while flying cars may not be on the horizon just yet, there’s no doubt that the automotive industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Recent tech advancements that […]

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