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What is the Highest Paid Automotive Technician? Auto Mechanic Salary Information

If you’re breaking out into the automotive industry, you want to make sure you’re gearing up for a lucrative career that will be able to support yourself and your family. What is the highest paid automotive technician? Also, what factors affect how much you earn out in the field? Automotive Training Center decided to compile […]

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Car Dealers Concerned About the Increasing Auto Technician Shortage

It’s no secret that the cars of the future are coming, and they’re coming fast. As technology in vehicles advance, and more and more cars are made, the help of qualified and smart auto technicians—trained to the industry’s standards—is needed now more than ever. Today, the number of practicing technicians in service centers and shops […]

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A Day in the Life of an Automotive Technician: Salary, Opportunities, & Advice

Imagine your happy place. Maybe, you’re in your garage fixing up a friend’s car or working on a restoration project. There’s whirring engines, wrenches turning, welders lighting. Don’t forget that final moment when you turn the key, or make the big reveal to the owner. If this is what you enjoy the most, why not […]

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Automotive Technician vs Collision Repair Technician: What’s the Difference?

Car lovers considering their career options in the automotive field often find that more than one program offered by a post-secondary school piques their interests. To help those torn between pursuing automotive technology and collision reconditioning technology, Automotive Training Center (ATC) put together the following guide to the differences between training to be an automotive […]

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Celebrate 100 Years of ATC!

In 1917, Automotive Training Center (ATC) first opened its doors, then just a small division of Spring Garden College in Philadelphia. One hundred years later, our private, family-owned, post-secondary training center has two campuses operating in Exton and Warminster, PA, five accredited programs of study, and many hardworking students-turned-success-stories who are out in the automotive […]

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Why Starting an Automotive Career Is for You

Maybe you’re in a job right now that doesn’t quite feel like the right fit, or you’re seeing your friends head off to college and you’re just not interested by the programs offered. If you’re exploring career alternatives, see if your interests are a good fit for pursuing an automotive career with the following post […]

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The Gratification of Working with Your Hands

There’s definitely something to be said for the gratification that comes from working with your hands. But, for most Americans in the workforce, Monday through Friday consists of sitting at a desk and typing on a keyboard between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Their work, although important, is entirely intellectual. It’d be […]

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Keeping Your Cool: How to Address Engine Coolant Before Things Go Wrong

Coolant is one of the essential fluids that keeps your car running at peak performance, but it’s also one that most owners tend to overlook until it’s too late. The best way to prevent getting stranded on the shoulder of a highway with a smoking engine starts with paying attention to your car’s coolant level. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Tires

Many questions tend to come up on the topic of choosing the best tires for your vehicle. And now that we’re in the thick of winter and dealing with some snowy road situations, the loudest ones we’re hearing are all about snow tires. To help our local drivers and aspiring technicians think twice about their […]

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Today’s Best Android and iPhone Car Apps

With the release of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, today’s newest rides come with supreme smartphone integration already built into their dashboards. What do you do if your car isn’t equipped with a recent-year infotainment suite or navigation system? To help you out, Automotive Training Center (ATC) rounded up our picks for today’s best Android […]

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