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6 Types of Boats and their Uses

For a prospective boat buyer, the sheer number of boat types out there can be staggering: Wikipedia currently has 161 entries on its boat types list that goes from airboat to zile. Whether you’re buying a boat or just want to learn more, ATC is here to help you narrow down this vast selection by […]

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Boat Prop Guide: The Basics

The perfect propeller can optimize boat performance from multiple angles, but there’s a lot more to propellers than the size and number of blades. Tack on material, diameter, pitch, cup, rotation—do you feel like we’re speaking a different language? Not to worry. Consult ATC’s boat prop guide below for help starting your research for the […]

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The Types of Boats Marine Technicians Repair

The world of marine technicians is an exciting and fulfilling one. These careers provide significant perks, such as the location in an ideal climate and the ability to work outside and on the water frequently. But one of the unsung benefits of a career as a marine technician is the being able to work on […]

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Do I Need Industry Experience to Enroll in an Automotive School in PA?

One of the main deterrents for aspiring automotive and marine technicians is a lack of experience working on cars or marine vessels. A misconception is that automotive training schools in Pennsylvania are only for individuals who have a background in auto and marine repair and want to enhance their skills and understanding of the industry. […]

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The Career Perks of Marine Technicians

The life of a marine technician is a rewarding one, and ATC is ready to give you the hands-on training at our Warminster campus so you can turn your passion for marine vessels into a career where you have the opportunity to work with them every day. The Marine Service Technology program at ATC gives […]

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Why Demand for Marine Technicians Is on the Rise

Marine technicians have the unique opportunity to work on the water repairing different aspects of boats and other watercrafts. Whether it’s optimizing outboard engine propulsion, repairing fiberglass, or making sure that all of the electrical components are in order, marine technicians are vital to the success of all areas of the boating industry. However, becoming […]

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How ATC’s Boat Mechanic School Will Prepare You for a Marine Technician Career

For boating enthusiasts, a career on the water working on different kinds of vessels would be a dream come true. A passion for boating and marine mechanics is a must, but training and expertise in marine technologies is equally important. Fortunately for aspiring marine technicians who are looking for a boat mechanic school in Pennsylvania, […]

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What Is the World’s Fastest Boat?

For the most part, the general population doesn’t have the same exposure to the marine world as those in the automotive world. We know that Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren make some of the world’s fastest vehicle on four wheels, but most can’t say the same for boats. And while we constantly see land speed records […]

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How to Fix a Hole in Your Boat

Any boat owner is susceptible to holes and cracks in their boat. Whether it’s from an object floating in the water or a stray rock striking your boat while you’re transporting it on the highway, damage to your boat’s body can significantly affect how well it can support you in the water. For marine enthusiasts […]

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How is the Marine Propulsion Engine Market Growing?

The marine propulsion industry is primarily responsible for powering some of the world’s largest ships that transport cargo all over the world. Based on recent reports, the propulsion engine market for these marine vessels is poised to grow for numerous reasons. For aspiring marine technicians, the propulsion engines used in these massive ships are fascinating […]

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