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Collision Technology

A Closer Look at Today’s Collision Prevention Technology Systems

As much as we may agree, disagree, or feel otherwise, self-driving cars are coming. How soon they’ll be here, though, is another issue entirely. One major step toward automated driving is already popping up on today’s modern rides: predictive collision systems that rely on radar technology. In the following post, ATC took a closer look at […]

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Beyond Changing Oil: The Advanced Skills You’ll Develop at an Auto Training School

A common stigma is that automotive training school will only teach students the basics of mechanic responsibilities. However, the comprehensive hands-on career training at a private post-secondary automotive training school goes far beyond teaching you how to change a car or truck’s oil. We want to make sure that you’re not confused as to where […]

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Car Painting’s Role in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is full of diverse careers that provide various opportunities for automotive enthusiasts to excel in specific fields. While it may be misconstrued that automotive tech school graduates only go on to repair vehicles, requiring extensive under-the-hood knowledge and how to diagnose common issues, the automotive industry holds many more possibilities. The world […]

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What’s In Your Car’s Fuse Box?

When someone brings a vehicle to a mechanic’s shop or garage, automotive technicians must inspect the vehicle to determine the source of the issue a driver is experiencing. While some issues may be significant, such as those involving the anti-lock brakes or power steering, a smart technician can still find a simple solution. Automotive tech […]

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What Can I Study at Car Mechanic School?

Contrary to popular belief, an education from a car mechanic school in Pennsylvania will provide you with a diverse set of skills that will allow you to pursue careers in many different areas of the automotive industry and not only for a technician job in a garage. A strong automotive repair school will provide students […]

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ATC Students’ Guide to Collision Damage

As automotive technicians begin the ATC curriculum, they learn the fundamentals of automotive body damage and repair. One of the primary duties of car mechanics in Pennsylvania is restoring vehicles to their pre-accident state. If you’re thinking about enrolling in an auto tech program, ATC has a wide variety of courses that will give you […]

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What Cars do Collision Repair Technicians See the Most?

Unless there’s a drastic change in the way cars are built, roads are designed, and traffic is monitored, automotive accidents will always happen. Based on this reality, work for collision repair technicians is estimated to remain consistent and even grow, as speculated by the US Labor of Bureau Statistics. Since work will be steady, aspiring […]

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Secrets for At-Home Scratch Removal

Whenever you have a new car in your driveway, your main goal is maintaining its beautiful paint finish. But sometimes you can’t do anything to prevent damage to your car’s finish. But once you do find a scratch on your vehicle, don’t freak out because you can remove the scratch yourself and return your vehicle’s […]

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A Day in the Life of an Insurance Collision Appraiser

For individuals who are interested in working in the automotive world, a career as an insurance collision appraiser isn’t only rewarding but features in-depth involvement in the collision repair technology world. But many automotive enthusiasts have a skewed understanding of the duties of insurance collision appraisers. ATC is here to provide automotive enthusiasts with a […]

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What You Can Expect from a Collision Repair Technician Training Program

Aspiring collision repair technicians are eager to get their hands on some vehicles and tune them up to perfection. However, before you begin your career in a field that you’re passionate about, the proper training is required to prepare you for how the industry works. But what can you expect from these collision repair technician […]

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