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Growing Opportunities for New Auto Technicians Due to Skilled Worker Shortage

Typically, when attending high school or earning your GED, the end goal is getting into college or a 4-year university. But, that’s not the path that’s necessarily right for everyone. Over the course of 4 years, college tuition and fees can add up to as much as $100,000 and sometimes more. It pays (literally), to […]

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What is the Highest Paid Automotive Technician? Auto Mechanic Salary Information

If you’re breaking out into the automotive industry, you want to make sure you’re gearing up for a lucrative career that will be able to support yourself and your family. What is the highest paid automotive technician? Also, what factors affect how much you earn out in the field? Automotive Training Center decided to compile […]

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Car Dealers Concerned About the Increasing Auto Technician Shortage

It’s no secret that the cars of the future are coming, and they’re coming fast. As technology in vehicles advance, and more and more cars are made, the help of qualified and smart auto technicians—trained to the industry’s standards—is needed now more than ever. Today, the number of practicing technicians in service centers and shops […]

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A Day in the Life of an Automotive Technician: Salary, Opportunities, & Advice

Imagine your happy place. Maybe, you’re in your garage fixing up a friend’s car or working on a restoration project. There’s whirring engines, wrenches turning, welders lighting. Don’t forget that final moment when you turn the key, or make the big reveal to the owner. If this is what you enjoy the most, why not […]

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Famous Mechanics in History

For car lovers everywhere, becoming an automotive technician is a fulfilling, creative, and motivating career. Something you may not know is that many mechanics have gone on to make big discoveries or even star in their own TV shows. To tip our hats to some of our favorite mechanics in history, we put together the […]

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How to Become a Mechanic: Developing Your Technician Career Road Map

For those with a passion for cars, a problem-solving mind, and a hands-on approach, becoming an automotive mechanic is a highly rewarding career adventure. If you want to learn more about how to become a mechanic, the experts at the Automotive Training Center created the following resource to help you develop your personal technician career […]

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From Racecars to Racetrucks: The Evolution of NASCAR

Celebrating 68 years of racing thrills and fame, today NASCAR incorporates racecars, racetrucks, and everything in between. Our fellow hi-performance buffs might be wondering how NASCAR shifted the race world into high gear. Keep reading ATC’s post “The Evolution of NASCAR” to find out! The First NASCAR Race: February 1948 It’s hard to believe that […]

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Fuel for Thought: Greener Energy Sources That Fuel Cars

Each day, researchers and automakers make new discoveries in the search for more environmentally responsible energy sources to fuel our noble commuter sidekicks. Though solar- or wind-powered vehicles may still be a ways away, there are already a number of forward thinking, sustainable, and downright neat alternative fuel sources already out there! Check out the […]

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Can Cars Run on Wind?

Can cars run on wind is a valid question in today’s auto industry as hybrids and all-electric vehicles continue to claim their spots in driveways across the country. There are solar cars[JP1]  in the making, those that run on biodiesel, and hydrogen fuel cell models, but could a blustery day really power your next ride […]

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How Close Are We to Driverless Cars?

When we think of the far-off future, many of us envision a Jetsons-type scene, the most striking element being a flurry of flying cars buzzing around. And while flying cars may not be on the horizon just yet, there’s no doubt that the automotive industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Recent tech advancements that […]

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