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The Latest on Self-Driving Cars: Look Ma, No Hands!

You can find advanced driver assist technologies that can step in to control a car’s brakes, steering, and engine output available in nearly every new car on the market today. As many have confirmed, these smart systems are truly the gateway to the first generation of fully self-driving cars. The industry as a whole is […]

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Fuel for Thought: Greener Energy Sources That Fuel Cars

Each day, researchers and automakers make new discoveries in the search for more environmentally responsible energy sources to fuel our noble commuter sidekicks. Though solar- or wind-powered vehicles may still be a ways away, there are already a number of forward thinking, sustainable, and downright neat alternative fuel sources already out there! Check out the […]

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Alternative Energy Sources in Motion: Spotlight on Solar Cars

Think of never having to fuel your car again. You could bypass close calls with your gas gauge, forget having to add fuel-up time to your travel plans, and have extra wiggle room in your monthly budget. Sounds too good to be true, right? All of these things would be true if you drove a […]

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Smaller Footprint and a Lasting Impression: Hybrid’s Impact on the Auto Market

With elevated efficiency ratings and minimized emissions, hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel source vehicles are changing the global auto market for the good. Just how big of an impact has hybrid technology had and what can we expect for the future? Keep reading ATC’s post below to find out. A Little Hybrid History Even though […]

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How Close Are We to Driverless Cars?

When we think of the far-off future, many of us envision a Jetsons-type scene, the most striking element being a flurry of flying cars buzzing around. And while flying cars may not be on the horizon just yet, there’s no doubt that the automotive industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Recent tech advancements that […]

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Auto Industry Update: What’s New in 2016 Models?

As the year goes on, more and more 2016 models from car manufacturers are being released to the public, each featuring upgrades of their various features. Whether these are features are made to reinforce a vehicle’s aerodynamics or to give it a previously unfathomable automotive technology update, new features will always fascinate car lovers. Because […]

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How Hi-Performance Auto School Can Turn You into a Performance Engine Builder

Performance engine building is one of the more desirable career paths for an automotive enthusiast pursuing a job in the automotive industry. Dissecting the engines of some of the most capable, fast, and powerful cars and trucks can be a dream come true, but an extensive knowledge of vehicles and engines is required of job […]

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How Supercars Get from 0 to 60 mph in Under 3 Seconds

One of the main selling points of a high-performance vehicle or supercar is how fast it can go from 0 to 60 mph. For car buyers with money to spend, the faster the better. From an automotive technician standpoint, however, it’s not all about which car goes the fastest but how the fastest cars can […]

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Dissecting the Dodge Charger’s Hellcat Engine

The brand-new Dodge Charger changes the way that we perceive the sedan vehicle class. While the stigma for sedans is that they’re slow, bulky, and built primarily as commuter vehicles or for taking the kids to school, the Dodge Charger shatters those expectations and gives drivers the thrill of 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of […]

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What It Takes to Break the Land Speed Record

One of the most admirable accomplishments in the eyes of any automotive enthusiast is the land speed record. Set by Andy Green in 1997 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, the land speed record over one mile is 763.035 mph. Since it was set 18 years ago, one has to wonder if anyone will […]

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