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4 Parts You Won’t Find on an Electric Car’s Maintenance List

In the ever-changing automotive landscape, we at Automotive Training Center always keep our eyes peeled for new developments in drive technology, specifically to consider how they might challenge the technicians of tomorrow in new ways. Today, we’re zeroing in on a zero-emissions vehicle fleet that relies on a battery pack and an electric motor to […]

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Should You Use Aftermarket Auto Parts or OEM Parts for Your Next Car Project?

DIY auto enthusiasts are certainly no strangers to the performance advantages of aftermarket auto parts, but manufacturer-made parts also bring their own unique benefits. When you start a new project in the shop, do you consider both aftermarket and OEM parts or just automatically go for one over the other? For your next car project, […]

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4WD vs. AWD: What’s the Difference?

While the terms “four-wheel drive” and “all-wheel drive” may be used interchangeably among the general public, Automotive Training Center’s (ATC’s) students and instructors know the fundamental difference between these two drivetrains. Interested in learning about the performance, cost, and handling distinctions of 4WD vs. AWD vehicles? Read our comparison and you’ll get quickly up to […]

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