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Growing Opportunities for New Auto Technicians Due to Skilled Worker Shortage

Typically, when attending high school or earning your GED, the end goal is getting into college or a 4-year university. But, that’s not the path that’s necessarily right for everyone. Over the course of 4 years, college tuition and fees can add up to as much as $100,000 and sometimes more. It pays (literally), to […]

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The Science Behind Car GPS Systems

If you own a car with GPS, you may have never really thought past putting in a destination and pressing go. That’s the brilliant part about just how convenient GPS navigation is. But our automotive-inquisitive staff and students are interested in finding out more, such as how can GPS pinpoint where your car is, access […]

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Fuel for Thought: Greener Energy Sources That Fuel Cars

Each day, researchers and automakers make new discoveries in the search for more environmentally responsible energy sources to fuel our noble commuter sidekicks. Though solar- or wind-powered vehicles may still be a ways away, there are already a number of forward thinking, sustainable, and downright neat alternative fuel sources already out there! Check out the […]

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How Close Are We to Driverless Cars?

When we think of the far-off future, many of us envision a Jetsons-type scene, the most striking element being a flurry of flying cars buzzing around. And while flying cars may not be on the horizon just yet, there’s no doubt that the automotive industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Recent tech advancements that […]

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Why Diesel Will Remain Relevant After the VW Scandal

The Volkswagen scandal has opened the discussion about the effectiveness and efficiency of diesel fuel. This particular case has shown the world that when used in the wrong manner, diesel may not be a viable alternative fuel. However, this ordeal has also shown that emissions standard testing will become tougher to ensure that the right […]

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Beyond Changing Oil: The Advanced Skills You’ll Develop at an Auto Training School

A common stigma is that automotive training school will only teach students the basics of mechanic responsibilities. However, the comprehensive hands-on career training at a private post-secondary automotive training school goes far beyond teaching you how to change a car or truck’s oil. We want to make sure that you’re not confused as to where […]

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Auto Industry Update: What’s New in 2016 Models?

As the year goes on, more and more 2016 models from car manufacturers are being released to the public, each featuring upgrades of their various features. Whether these are features are made to reinforce a vehicle’s aerodynamics or to give it a previously unfathomable automotive technology update, new features will always fascinate car lovers. Because […]

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What’s In Your Car’s Fuse Box?

When someone brings a vehicle to a mechanic’s shop or garage, automotive technicians must inspect the vehicle to determine the source of the issue a driver is experiencing. While some issues may be significant, such as those involving the anti-lock brakes or power steering, a smart technician can still find a simple solution. Automotive tech […]

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Why Demand for Marine Technicians Is on the Rise

Marine technicians have the unique opportunity to work on the water repairing different aspects of boats and other watercrafts. Whether it’s optimizing outboard engine propulsion, repairing fiberglass, or making sure that all of the electrical components are in order, marine technicians are vital to the success of all areas of the boating industry. However, becoming […]

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Hi-Performance Auto School Curriculum

While all vehicles have their own desirable attributes, hi-performance vehicles tend to be the most impressive, making car lovers curious about their engineering. If you’re one of those enthusiasts who wants to be the driving force behind the road’s fastest and most powerful cars, hi-performance auto school is right for you. ATC’s hi-performance technology programs […]

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