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How ATC’s Culture Is Built for Non-Traditional Students

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)* has found several distinctive traits that set non-traditional students apart from traditional undergrads (those who attend a four-year college or university directly after high school, and then join the workforce).

At our two-year post-secondary automotive training school, we’re thrilled to provide a learning environment where both traditional and non-traditional students can thrive!

To help you see how ATC’s culture is a match for non-traditional students, we fleshed out a few of the characteristics that the NCES identifies and how ATC accommodates them below.

Having a GED and Not a High School Diploma

If you have a General Education Diploma (GED) and not a high school diploma, chances are that you may be a non-traditional student.

Most colleges and universities will accept a GED, but will favor a high school diploma. As a privately-owned career training school, ATC weighs both diplomas equally in its admission requirements.

Taking a Leap Year (or Years) After High School

Non-traditional students often take some time off after high school or getting their GEDs before going back to school. This could also apply to being out in the workforce for a while and deciding to switch careers. Maybe you went to college and got a business degree, then worked a desk job for a while, but now you’re interested in exploring other options.

At ATC, our career training programs are open to students fresh out of high school or thirty years removed. Learning from our seasoned and certified industry experts is the best way to take the wheel of your career, whether you’ve been cruising the highway up until this point or have experienced your fair share of bumps in the road.

Working Full-Time During Schooling

Have a full-time job, but don’t feel like you’ve found your calling? If so, you’re probably considering your options in other industries or fields, which may lead to going back to school to try something different.

Making the transition from working full-time to adding school into your routine can be tough. Lucky for you, ATC provides options for non-traditional students interested in maintaining their day jobs over the course of their training with part-time training, such as our automotive technology evening course.

Experience ATC’s Culture for Yourself

So, you may have taken the road less traveled in your education or career, but going back to school as a non-traditional undergraduate means you’ve experienced life, learned what you do and don’t like, and are ready to find a career that truly makes you happy. Kudos to you!

If you’ve decided a career in the automotive or marine industries is something you’d enjoy and are looking to break out into one of these compelling fields in the greater Philadelphia area, take a campus tour with ATC. With a tour of our Exton or Warminster campus, you can meet our instructors, check out our shops and classrooms, and experience our fantastic learning culture firsthand.

*NECS is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education. Learn more at

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