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5 Fulfilling Careers in the Marine Technology Industry

The marine technology career field is an exciting industry. With a degree from a marine service technology program, you can apply your passion for boats and other water vehicles to far more than just working on engines. If you’re interested in establishing a career in the marine service technology industry, read on to find five rewarding options in the field.

1. Marine Service Technician

A marine service technician is trained to inspect, repair, and maintain multiple facets of a variety of boats. Your duties will include testing engines, propellers, hulls, and navigation technology. Marine service technicians are responsible for the general well-being of a boat and its engine.

2. Marine Electrician

As a professional marine technician, you’re responsible for all things electrical in the boats that you work on, including wiring, batteries, engine parts, and any electrical equipment. With marine service training, you’ll understand how batteries work and the general wiring layout of boats that you may have the opportunity to work on. You’ll usually work on docked boats, but you may also need to travel out to sea to complete emergency repairs.

3. Gelcoat and Fiberglass Technician

Those who are interested in working on the design side of the marine industry likely will enjoy a career as a gelcoat and fiberglass technician. As part of this job, you’ll address fiberglass defects on a boat’s hull and decks as well as inside the cabin while using your best judgement to patch up dents, smooth out rough edges, and buff and polish surfaces. Your finished product will be a stunning and visually appealing boat.

4. Personal Watercraft Technician

As a personal watercraft technician, your responsibilities will include servicing and maintaining jet skis, jet boats, and other types of small watercrafts. Those with the proper training are designated to repair electrical wiring, motor malfunctions, and engine rebuilding. You’ll be in full control of these personal watercrafts.

5. Field Service Representative

With your extensive knowledge of marine service products, after your technician training, you could become a field service representative. Your job will involve providing expert opinions and suggestions about certain products and services based on a customer’s needs. You’ll monitor and repair any product or equipment failures and order and replace any broken parts.

If you’re passionate about boats or the marine industry and have a strong desire to work on the water, start thinking about how a marine technology education can benefit your future and land you a great job and ultimately a rewarding career.

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