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The Latest in Marine Engine Technology

The world of marine engines is always evolving to produce propulsion methods that exceed expectations. Just like in the automotive world, each year there’s a new innovation as far as how marine engines are designed and built. So now that we’re a couple of months into 2015, what’s new this year in the marine engine world? If you’re interested in how ships and boats operate, read on as we examine the latest in marine engine propulsion and how these new engines are changing the industry.

Yamaha Four-Stroke Outboard

The latest outboard engine from Yamaha is a four cylinder designed to provide your boat with exceptional power and speed while remaining lightweight. The engine comes in three different horsepower configurations (115, 150, and 200), each one using variable valve timing technology to provide the most effective fuel distribution, thus providing advanced performance at any speed. The new compact size of the engine provides an ideal weight-to-horsepower ratio, makes for more room in the boat, and won’t sacrifice any power like a larger engine would.

Caterpillar C8.7

The Caterpillar C8.7 is a revolutionary diesel engine that produces effective power while reducing the amount of turbo lag. With an electromagnetic clutch, you can switch from supercharged power to turbo power in a snap, which eliminates any engine hesitation. Planing and torque level is optimized at low speeds, and its 650 horsepower combined with the turbocharger gives you optimal acceleration.

Mercury Stern Drive and Outboard Technology

The new Mercury stern drive outboard engine is engineered to give you the power and response of a racing boat. Without having to increase the amount of fuel you must put in the motor, this stern drive technology lets the engine produce 520 horsepower for exceptional speed. The engine provides power steering and a gear case that’s built for enhanced ventilation for saltwater boats that encounter rough and potentially damaging seas.

Lehr Propane Outboard

To promote a more environmentally friendly outboard engine, Lehr has developed a motor that operates on propane. Many consider propane to be the best alternative fuel solution for marine engines, and Lehr has designed a model that burns cleaner than gasoline without giving up its ability to perform.

The propane engine is designed to give you five hours of full-throttle power and 14 hours of power at a normal cruising speed. Now you can equip your boat with a fuel-efficient engine that will transport you effectively and with more environmental friendliness.

The marine engine world is developing new technologies that benefit a wide variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking for an engine that boosts acceleration, is fuel efficient, or that’s lighter yet rich in power, engine manufacturers are building products that will benefit your boat in every way you want. These engines keep getting better and more efficient, and there’s no ceiling for their potential.

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  1. Luke Smith

    that 520 horsepower mercury stern drive sounds awesome. I imagine a new motor like one of these would be an investment you would really want to protect, so having a reliable mechanic to turn to for advice would probably be an important move to make before purchasing. My brother is thinking of buying a new boat, I’ll have to tell him to look for a good mechanic first.

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