What Starts Your Engine?

Whether it’s the passion to do what you love or the guarantee of a fast-paced career, you’ll get the tools for success from ATC.

ATC is more than just a technical school. It’s a community of teachers and students who share a passion for automotive technology, diesel & hi-performance engines, collision repair, marine service, and more. When you earn a diploma from ATC, you’ll be entering an industry that’s evolving daily - where jobs cannot be outsourced and layoffs are rare. And when it comes time to get hired, your hours of hands-on shop experience will put you miles ahead of your competition.


Military Scholarships at ATCThe military has already strengthened your discipline and can-do attitude. Now get the education and experience to match from ATC.

Choose a program that appeals to you and turn your discipline and passion into a challenging and rewarding career. Join an in-demand industry that’s growing daily and enter a field where your talents and skills are a perfect fit.

Don’t just take it from us...

Scholarship Opportunities for Military Applicants

Imagine America’s Military Award Program (MAP) is a national aid program that was established in 2004 by the Imagine America Foundation. This $1,000 career education award is available to any qualified active duty, reservist, honorably discharged or retired veteran of a United States military service branch for attendance at a participating career college. This scholarship can help those with military service receive a career education and make the transition from military to civilian life.

Student Qualifications
Prospective applicants must meet the following guidelines to apply:

  • Be enrolling in a participating college
  • Meet eligibility requirements of the college
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 21 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED or pass an Ability to Benefit test
  • Not be a previous recipient of any other Imagine America Foundation scholarship/awards
  • Complete the NCCT Educational Success Potential Assessment

Please contact Automotive Training Center for more information about the Military Award Program (MAP)

Automotive Training Center meets all of the criteria as determined by the Pennsylvania State Approving Agency for approval for Veterans Education under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code, Section 3675.

Matthew Noblit"Bottom line, I knew nothing about cars before attending Automotive Training Center and 18 months later I landed a full time flat rate job. This has truly been a great experience in my life!"

Matthew Noblit, ATC Graduate/Military Veteran
Automotive Technology & Collision Reconditioning Technology
Automotive Technician
Pep Boys
North Wales, PA.

"I became interested in Automotive Training Center after having a conversation with one of my friends. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of cars and I asked him where he learned it all. He explained that he learned most of what he knows about cars from attending and graduating from the Automotive Training Center. I decided to look into attending an automotive school.

After researching a few schools, I noticed right away the differences between the schools as compared to ATC. ATC was a smaller private school where the others I looked at were larger franchise type schools. ATC felt more personalized to me and I believed that it was a school that truly cared about their students. This was a school that I wanted to attend.

My training at ATC provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I use everyday in my current position as a flat rate auto technician. Some of the fun aspects of my training were when the instructors would tell us of their own personal experiences in the field. They have proved to be most helpful in various situations that I have encountered since being out in the field.

Bottom line, I knew nothing about cars before attending Automotive Training Center and 18 months later I landed a full time flat rate job. This has truly been a great experience in my life!"