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Auto Mechanic School near Me

Auto Mechanic School near Me

At Automotive Training Center, we’re committed to ensuring everyone enrolled at our automotive technician school receives the education required to prepare for a career in the industry. If you’ve been searching for an auto mechanic school near me, look no further.

At ATC, we’re committed to providing you with the tools and practice to succeed in your selected field. Keep reading to learn more about our auto mechanic school, our offerings, and why you should enroll at our campuses near Exton and Warminster.

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Hands-On Training at our Mechanic School

When enrolled at Automotive Training Center, you’ll learn through practical hands-on training in fully equipped labs and shops. These are consistent with the automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, and marine service industry shops in the real world.

In the morning, you’ll spend time in the classroom learning from knowledgeable ASE-certified instructors, then have the opportunity to translate that knowledge to the lab in the afternoon. Because you get a balance of both classroom and shop time, it means you’re a more well-rounded student upon graduation.

Pick Up Knowledge from Auto Technician Industry Experts

If you want to become a stellar automotive or marine technician, you need to have the mechanical know-how and experience. Who else would you want to learn from than professionals who have already earned their stripes in their chosen field?

Our ATC instructors have varied backgrounds and experiences working as technicians, service managers, shop owners, and manufacturer technical representatives. These experts know exactly what you need to succeed.

Making Connections with Auto Technician Industry Leaders

Auto Mechanic School near MeWe’re dedicated to ensuring students are able to succeed, and that has been noticed by many in the industry, along with employers in the area. Many employers hire students part-time while attending ATC, giving you a taste of what it’s like to be in the real world. Following graduation, many students are hired full-time.

Our goal is to help you discover a career that aligns with your goals and interests. We don’t rest until your career is started!

Why Become an Auto Mechanic?

There are many great reasons to explore a career as an automotive mechanic. We’ve already talked a bit about many employers hiring immediately upon graduation, but there are several other reasons to choose a career as an auto mechanic:

  • Less student loan debt than the average 4-year degree
  • Job variety
  • Many job paths available
  • Make your own repairs at home

Mechanics are always needed, too. When you consider the reality of repairing a vehicle, it’s not getting shipped off to a far-away destination for repairs. It can’t be done over the phone, either. When a driver needs their vehicle repaired, they bring it into a shop to have maintenance completed by a knowledgeable auto mechanic.

Flourish at Our Auto Mechanic School near You!

At Automotive Training Center, our knowledgeable instructors help to prepare you for a successful career as an auto mechanic. Are you ready to turn that passion into a career? Apply to ATC today!

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