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Am I a Hands-On Learner?

If you’re regularly looking for ways to use your hands while working on a project, or you find yourself easily taking on tasks while talking to others, it’s possible that you’re a hands-on learner. Hands-on learners, or kinesthetic learners, are able to learn best by doing. If this sounds like you, a career as an […]

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All About the MOPAR® CAP LOCAL Program

If you’re interested in making the most out of your automotive technician education, attending a training school with meaningful partnerships in the industry and in your area, is something to keep at the top of your mind during your search. One of the associations available to students at select schools is MOPAR® CAP LOCAL. In […]

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How is a Collision Technician Different from an Auto Mechanic?

Trying to match your interest in automotive to the appropriate program at an auto technology training school? To make sure your career decision aligns with your interests and goals, reviewing the positions you can apply for once you complete your training is a must. Today, we’ll delve into two popular career paths in automotive, what […]

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Automotive Technician vs Collision Repair Technician: What’s the Difference?

Car lovers considering their career options in the automotive field often find that more than one program offered by a post-secondary school piques their interests. To help those torn between pursuing automotive technology and collision reconditioning technology, Automotive Training Center (ATC) put together the following guide to the differences between training to be an automotive […]

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Celebrate 100 Years of ATC!

In 1917, Automotive Training Center (ATC) first opened its doors, then just a small division of Spring Garden College in Philadelphia. One hundred years later, our private, family-owned, post-secondary training center has two campuses operating in Exton and Warminster, PA, five accredited programs of study, and many hardworking students-turned-success-stories who are out in the automotive […]

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Keeping Your Cool: How to Address Engine Coolant Before Things Go Wrong

Coolant is one of the essential fluids that keeps your car running at peak performance, but it’s also one that most owners tend to overlook until it’s too late. The best way to prevent getting stranded on the shoulder of a highway with a smoking engine starts with paying attention to your car’s coolant level. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Tires

Many questions tend to come up on the topic of choosing the best tires for your vehicle. And now that we’re in the thick of winter and dealing with some snowy road situations, the loudest ones we’re hearing are all about snow tires. To help our local drivers and aspiring technicians think twice about their […]

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Today’s Best Android and iPhone Car Apps

With the release of Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, today’s newest rides come with supreme smartphone integration already built into their dashboards. What do you do if your car isn’t equipped with a recent-year infotainment suite or navigation system? To help you out, Automotive Training Center (ATC) rounded up our picks for today’s best Android […]

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Most Common Types of Car Accidents You’ll See as an Auto Appraiser

Assessing damage from car accidents on a daily basis, an auto appraiser who’s new to the field will quickly see that some types of crashes and collisions happen more than others. They often involve damage done to similar areas of the vehicle and at similar speeds. Interested in what types of car accidents appraisers deal […]

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Why Changing Your Car’s Air Filter Is More Important Than You Think

To automotive technicians in training, preventative maintenance like changing your car’s air filter quickly become second nature. Plus, techs with firsthand experience working in a shop quickly learn that for vehicle owners reluctant to bring in their vehicles at regular intervals, the smallest maintenance items can become the biggest problems (see the dangers of forgetting […]

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