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7 Tips to Keep Your Diesel Engine Running in Tip-Top Shape

From powering 18-wheelers hauling tons of fresh produce to providing electricity to whole cities, diesel engines deliver impressive performance that is demanded day in and day out. If you rely on a diesel to safely get you and your equipment to your next job site, staying on top of routine maintenance is key. In the […]

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Hi-Performance Vehicle Maintenance

From the glossy paintwork to the rev of the engine, there’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a hi-performance cruiser. However, with supercharged motors, air-gliding builds, specially tuned suspensions, and more, caring for a high-performance vehicle is different than your typical sportscar. When it comes to routine maintenance and upkeep, just how different […]

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Top 5 Tools in a Modern Collision Technician’s Tool Box

A collision repair technician relies on a variety of different tools and pieces of equipment to reverse the effects of damage or age on a vehicle. If you had to pick just 5 tools to put in your tool box to start your collection which would you choose? See which must-have devices make the list […]

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3 Procedures You’ll Master as an Automotive Technician

From changing the oil to optimizing engine performance, automotive technicians are all-around vehicle experts who get to work on cars every day. And, thanks to a variety of systems to look after, no two days are the same. If becoming an automotive technician is a future career path you’d like to pursue, ready your tool […]

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Summer Road Trip Safety Guide

Road trip season is here! There’s nothing quite like packing up the truck and heading out on the open road to the Jersey Shore, Poconos, or maybe even all the way to the West Coast. Shipping off on a vacation is an exciting time, but before we get to relax, there’s always a lot of […]

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Today’s Best Android and iPhone Car Apps

With the release of Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, today’s newest rides come with supreme smartphone integration already built into their dashboards. What do you do if your car isn’t equipped with a recent-year infotainment suite or navigation system? To help you out, Automotive Training Center (ATC) rounded up our picks for today’s best Android […]

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Your Windshield Repair and Replacement Guide

From acting as your main visibility pane to holding together the integrity of the vehicle, your car’s windshield plays a major role in keeping your drives safe. But, after many seasons of harsh weather or an unlucky meeting with a rogue construction pebble on the highway, cracked windshields can happen. Has your windshield started to […]

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Should You Use Aftermarket Auto Parts or OEM Parts for Your Next Car Project?

DIY auto enthusiasts are certainly no strangers to the performance advantages of aftermarket auto parts, but manufacturer-made parts also bring their own unique benefits. When you start a new project in the shop, do you consider both aftermarket and OEM parts or just automatically go for one over the other? For your next car project, […]

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How to Measure Horsepower Using a Dynamometer

ATC’s chassis dynamometer is one the main hi-performance testing tools our instructors and students use to measure an engine’s power output. And when that light changes from red to green, you better believe it attracts a crowd of spectators. In the following blog post, we’ll help you get a better feel for the finer points […]

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