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Your Windshield Repair and Replacement Guide

From acting as your main visibility pane to holding together the integrity of the vehicle, your car’s windshield plays a major role in keeping your drives safe. But, after many seasons of harsh weather or an unlucky meeting with a rogue construction pebble on the highway, cracked windshields can happen. Has your windshield started to […]

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Should You Use Aftermarket Auto Parts or OEM Parts for Your Next Car Project?

DIY auto enthusiasts are certainly no strangers to the performance advantages of aftermarket auto parts, but manufacturer-made parts also bring their own unique benefits. When you start a new project in the shop, do you consider both aftermarket and OEM parts or just automatically go for one over the other? For your next car project, […]

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How to Measure Horsepower Using a Dynamometer

ATC’s chassis dynamometer is one the main hi-performance testing tools our instructors and students use to measure an engine’s power output. And when that light changes from red to green, you better believe it attracts a crowd of spectators. In the following blog post, we’ll help you get a better feel for the finer points […]

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Troubleshooting Tips for Your Car’s AC Unit

There’s nothing worse than your car’s air conditioning calling it quits partway through the summer. But just because your car’s AC unit can’t keep its cool doesn’t mean you have to lose yours. ATC has put together a list of pro tips for troubleshooting the most common car air conditioning issues. Check them out so […]

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Why Wax Your Car? Answers from a Collision Repair Technician

Nice summer weather can make washing your car less of a chore. If you’ve always wondered whether it’s worth it to follow up that wash with a restorative layer of wax, this article is for you. Is waxing your car truly worth it? For answers from the experts, Automotive Training Center is taking a closer […]

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Air in, Speed Out: How to Increase Speed by Installing a Vehicle’s Cold Air Intake

Interested in amping up the power in your ride’s naturally aspirated engine? Installing a cold air intake system is the simplest, most cost-effective way to increase speed without having to make intricate engine alterations that will have you reaching deep into your wallet. Keep reading to find out how you can increase speed by modifying […]

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The Motorhead’s Guide to Performance Tires

The world of performance tires doesn’t translate quite as clear as most of us would like. What’s a motorhead after a race-worthy tire to do? Check out Automotive Training Center’s (ATC’s) handy post “The Motorhead’s Guide to Performance Tires” before you head to the tire shop. Keep reading to find out which pair you should […]

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Straight as an Arrow: How Technicians Operate an Alignment System

One of the exciting responsibilities of an automotive technician is making sure that a vehicle’s alignment is straight so a driver can experience precise and safe control and handling on the road. Commonly part of a routine service appointment, this procedure is an important one, placing a lot of emphasis on a technician to perform […]

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Technician Training 101: How to Flush Brake Fluid

Drivers who care about their vehicles will make an appointment to have their brake fluid flushed. An often-overlooked maintenance step, flushing the brake fluid ensures that a vehicle can stop effectively and keep everyone inside it safe. For that reason, a brake fluid flush needs to be handled properly by an automotive technician. Our automotive […]

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