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2 Automotive Careers that are on the Rise

If you’re eager to break out into the automotive industry, you’ll want to make sure you select a field that’s in demand and matches your interests. The good news is, most if not all automotive technician careers are in the green and growing as fast as, if not faster than the average for all jobs […]

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Career Facts for a Collision Repair Technician

Car accidents happen. And when they do, collision repair technicians are there to assess the damage, craft up a repair plan, and bring vehicles back to their former glory. Working in a collision shop using the industry’s latest technology, a career as a collision repair technician can be an exhilarating, rewarding opportunity for the right […]

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Become a Hi-Performance Engine Mechanic: What You Should Know

Engines act as the lifeforce of every vehicle. They’re complex machines, some built for efficiency, others for power and acceleration, and others still a balance of each. Diesel, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell… the list goes on and on! Some of the most iconic and inspiring engines you’ll find have their place on the race car […]

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3 High-Tech Automotive Innovations Changing the Industry

GPS navigation systems, the hybrid drivetrain, and radar-based driving technology all played their part in producing the cars we have on the road today. What’s next? We decided to look forward to 3 high-tech innovations that will be here before you know it, advancing the automotive industry of tomorrow, starting today. Augmented Reality in Automotive […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Your Career Possibilities After Vo-Tech + ATC

Vo-tech used to be the only required training for aspiring automotive and marine technicians, but as the auto industry has advanced, so have the training requirements for technicians in the field. Today’s employers actively seek candidates who already have two years of post-secondary training under their belts. Classroom theory and hands-on, shop-based practice can help […]

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Why Diesel Will Remain Relevant After the VW Scandal

The Volkswagen scandal has opened the discussion about the effectiveness and efficiency of diesel fuel. This particular case has shown the world that when used in the wrong manner, diesel may not be a viable alternative fuel. However, this ordeal has also shown that emissions standard testing will become tougher to ensure that the right […]

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Beyond Changing Oil: The Advanced Skills You’ll Develop at an Auto Training School

A common stigma is that automotive training school will only teach students the basics of mechanic responsibilities. However, the comprehensive hands-on career training at a private post-secondary automotive training school goes far beyond teaching you how to change a car or truck’s oil. We want to make sure that you’re not confused as to where […]

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Straight as an Arrow: How Technicians Operate an Alignment System

One of the exciting responsibilities of an automotive technician is making sure that a vehicle’s alignment is straight so a driver can experience precise and safe control and handling on the road. Commonly part of a routine service appointment, this procedure is an important one, placing a lot of emphasis on a technician to perform […]

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The Types of Boats Marine Technicians Repair

The world of marine service and repair is an exciting and fulfilling one. These careers provide significant perks, such as the location in an ideal climate and the ability to work outside and on the water frequently. But one of the unsung benefits of a career as a marine technician is the being able to […]

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Car Painting’s Role in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is full of diverse careers that provide various opportunities for automotive enthusiasts to excel in specific fields. While it may be misconstrued that automotive tech school graduates only go on to repair vehicles, requiring extensive under-the-hood knowledge and how to diagnose common issues, the automotive industry holds many more possibilities. The world […]

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