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Diesel Technician Training

How to Become a Diesel Mechanic: Your Career Roadmap

The Automotive Diesel and Technology program at Automotive Training Center (ATC) is designed to ensure students receive hands-on training in the area of diesel engine technology. Today’s diesel engines are powering large commercial vehicles and heavy-equipment systems, and are highly sophisticated. You may be wondering, how does one become a diesel mechanic? Those ensuring the […]

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The Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines

Heavy-duty diesel engines are capable of providing copious amounts of power while being highly efficient. Gain the knowledge necessary to become a diesel technician by enrolling in the Automotive and Diesel Technology program at Automotive Training Center. In this space, we’re taking a closer look at the pros and cons of diesel engines. Like with […]

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What Does a Diesel Engine Pre-Glow Warning Mean?

If your car runs on diesel, you may have noticed an unfamiliar dashboard light that looks like a coil come on in cold temperatures. Schedule a campus tour at our Warminster or Exton Campus  If you see a diesel engine pre-glow warning light come on steady at startup, it simply means that your engine is […]

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A Day in the Life of a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel engines are the big-time power players in our economy. From agriculture, to construction, to the transportation of goods, people, and services, heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment make these industries possible. Credit is due to the men and women behind these colossal engines that ensure they’re running at peak performance. We’re talking about the diesel […]

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What Do Diesel Mechanics Do?

Diesel mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles and other machinery that run on diesel fuel. A diesel mechanic has the opportunity to work in a variety of industries on many different types of equipment, which provides several compelling career options. For our low-end power fans out there, we decided to dive into what […]

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3 Performance Advantages of Diesel Engines

Compared to gas engines, diesel motors are far less mainstream, mostly appearing under the hoods of work trucks and heavy-duty equipment. But as automakers more readily realize the performance advantages of diesel engines and continue to advance fuel technology, diesel doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Interested in which areas diesel rides beat out […]

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Why Diesel Will Remain Relevant After the VW Scandal

The Volkswagen scandal has opened the discussion about the effectiveness and efficiency of diesel fuel. This particular case has shown the world that when used in the wrong manner, diesel may not be a viable alternative fuel. However, this ordeal has also shown that emissions standard testing will become tougher to ensure that the right […]

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What Can I Study at Car Mechanic School?

An education from a car mechanic school in Pennsylvania can provide you with the diverse set of skills needed in order to pursue careers in many different areas of today’s automotive industry. An automotive repair school will provide students with a broad range of focuses within the different fields of the industry. Car mechanic schools […]

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Career Paths of Diesel Technology Graduates

For automotive enthusiasts with a strong desire to work on some of the most powerful and complex heavy-duty engines, the diesel field of the automotive industry is compelling. Here at Automotive Training Center (ATC), our engaging and in-depth Diesel Technology program will provide you with valuable information on diesel engines that can prepare you for […]

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