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Diesel Mechanic School Bensalem

Diesel Mechanic School Bensalem Pennsylvania

Automotive Training Center (ATC) is a diesel mechanic school near Bensalem, PA. If you’re thinking about heading into the automotive industry as a diesel technician, our school could be the right place to start your journey.

Diesel powers the world around us in more ways than one. From big rigs to bulldozers, it all runs on diesel. You can play a key role in keeping our world moving with the knowledge you’ll gain in our Automotive and Diesel Technology Courses.

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Diesel Technology Courses near Bensalem PA

Diesel Mechanic School Bensalem Pennsylvania The Automotive and Diesel Technology Program here at ATC takes 80 weeks to complete. Our diesel mechanic school focuses on a two-pronged approach that helps foster new skills and hone those that students already have.

You’ll spend half your time in the classroom learning about the principles of diesel performance. Then, you’ll head into the shop to put everything you learned into action. Our ASE-certified instructors will guide you through all of the following coursework:

  • Diesel Engines
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Electronic Engine Controls

During the Diesel Engines course, students will get hands-on experience with a 14.8L inline 6-cylinder diesel engine and other similar configurations that big rigs rely on to keep their cargo moving. You’ll also get to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble your own diesel engine, so you’ll be ready to perform any repairs that come your way.

Diesel fuel systems are unique, and in this course, you’ll study fuel system components like diesel air intakes, injectors, and even turbochargers. You will also get to work with the three types of fuel lines used in diesel systems and the many fuel filters that help these engines generate clean power.

What Automotive Technology Courses Are Included?

Our Diesel Technology Program also includes a healthy dose of Automotive Technology Courses. This will help round out your experience, so you can be more prepared when you decide to enter the workforce.

The key courses that make up the Automotive Technology Program here at our diesel mechanic school include:

  • Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • Engine Repair
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Computer Controls and Electronic Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning & Heating

In the Manual Drive Train & Axles course, you’ll learn all about manual transmissions, transaxles, clutches, and U-joints. You will also learn basic shop safety in this course. That will help keep both yourself and your fellow students safe when approaching transmission repair or any other type of automotive service.

Big 18-wheelers are sometimes required to transport temperature-sensitive cargo across thousands of miles. That makes the Air Conditioning & Heating course a key part of our Diesel Technology Program near Bensalem. You will learn about HVAC parts and supplies in the classroom and then get to work on what you learned in the shop.

Why Become a Diesel Mechanic?

Diesel Mechanic School Bensalem Pennsylvania Once you complete the courses and receive your diploma from our diesel mechanic school near Bensalem, you’ll find many career options open to you. Are you good with your hands? Are you ready to think on your feet? You may look to pursue one of the following entry level positions:

  • Diesel Engine Technician
  • Fleet Mechanic
  • Farm Equipment Mechanic
  • Diesel Service Writer

If you decide to follow the path of a diesel technician, you’ll get to work with all kinds of vehicles. You could see everything from the average pickup truck or a work van to big 18-wheelers.

You could be one of the skilled technicians who keeps a company moving if you decide to become a fleet mechanic. They work with companies that rely on heavy, diesel-powered vehicles to perform deliveries, repair services, or transportation.

America relies on its farmers for food. If you want a share of that responsibility, follow the career path of a farm equipment mechanic. You will either work directly with farmers or with government agencies to help maintain tractors, harvesters, and other diesel vehicles that power the agricultural industry.

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It takes hands-on experience and plenty of time-tested knowledge to head into the field of diesel technology. You could find both right here at our diesel mechanic school near Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Apply today to get started!

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