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Secrets to Preventing Transmission Issues

Any automotive enthusiast will tell you that keeping your transmission in good condition is key to a long vehicle life span and maintaining efficient performance. Transmission problems can hinder your vehicle’s ability to operate and can lead to further damage and costly repairs. However, there are ways in which aspiring automotive technicians can prevent transmission issues.

In the following post, Automotive Training Center (ATC) checked out several secrets that can help keep your transmission running stronger, and for longer, while preventing common issues. Continue reading to learn more.

Install a Transmission Cooler

Your transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts inside your transmission. Since the fluid is exposed to high amounts of heat, it’s crucial that the transmission fluid stays cool for the sake of its longevity. To help it do so, installing a transmission cooler is a beneficial idea.

This small system works to keep your transmission fluid cooler so it’s more efficient. These coolers are inexpensive and easy to install yourself; simply mount it in front of your radiator and air conditioning system with adhesive mounting pads and hook up the proper inlet and outlet houses between your radiator and transmission.

Patiently Switch Gears 

Most drivers are guilty of this horrible driving habit. When you’re moving in reverse, it’s important to come to a complete stop before shifting into the next gear. Most drivers are guilty of shifting from reverse into drive before coming to a complete stop. And while it seems harmless and quick to do this, the truth is that you’re creating the potential for your gears to become damaged and even crack. This means that you’ll eventually need a new transmission.

Stay on Top of Your Fluids

It can be easy to forget to monitor the fluid in your transmission, but you’ll need to do so for your transmission to work properly and last. Your transmission fluid will eventually oxidize and become ineffective. But by taking the time to check the status of your transmission fluid and replacing it when needed, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle in great condition for the future.

Doing all that you can to maintain your vehicle’s transmission will give you a confident drive for years to come. By practicing the necessary maintenance and driving habits while also keeping the status of your transmission fluid in mind, you’ll be able to prevent these transmission issues from occurring.

It’s important for aspiring automotive technicians to practice what they preach. This means that you should practice the same transmission maintenance and beneficial driving habits now that you can someday suggest to the drivers who seek your advice about their vehicles in the future.

Aspiring automotive technicians can learn more about how to keep their vehicle in prime operating condition by downloading ATC’s free ebook 7 Secrets for Improving a Vehicle’s Longevity.

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3 thoughts on “Secrets to Preventing Transmission Issues

  1. Daniela Adams

    Great post, very helpful. I’ve had my car for a few years, and my friend after driving with me said I should check transmission. I wonder if installing a transmission fluid cooler is something that anyone can do or do I have to go to a specialist?

  2. Veronica Marks

    My husband desperately needs to learn how to patiently switch gears. He is terrible at jumping the gun on that and it’s starting to take a toll on our transmission. I’ll have to tell him about how that can make the gears crack. I don’t think he knows that!

  3. Veronica Marks

    I didn’t realize that transmission fluid isn’t automatically cooled. My car is starting to have some slight transmission problems, especially with switching gears smoothly in some situations. Is a transmission cooler something that might help with that?

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