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Top 3 Most Destructive, Car-Destroying Films In Movie History

What three elements make a great movie? Acting? Directing? A good script? Get real! How about speed, destruction and a few well-placed explosions?

If you are like us, car chases and automotive carnage keep you on the edge of your seat. Imagine how much better some of Hollywood’s most classic films would have been with more car chases. After watching a few of our favorite films, Hollywood directors are going to hope they have a collision repair technician on set at all times!

For the rev of a high-performance engine, mixed with the  massive shot of adrenaline you crave, you need automotive Armageddon. So without further ado, here are the most destructive, crash-happy films in Hollywood history!

3. The Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

This reboot smashed the record set by its predecessor (a car-smashing champion in its own right) destroying 103 cars, and giving artists like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, BB King, Bo Didley, Dr. John and Erykah Badu a place on the big screen–when it is not filled with car crashes that is!

2. G.I. Joe (2009)

G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra was never likely to receive many awards from critics. As one of the lowest-rated films of 2009, this franchise-launching actioner packed in exactly what its fans wanted: the G.I. Joe characters they remember from childhood, and car crashes. Lots of ’em! This film is the one most film buffs believe holds the record. With 113 car crashes, it is certainly an admirable runner-up.

1. The Junkman (1982)

Known only to car movie aficionados and people who had their antennae fully up in 1982, The Junkman was the sequel to the classic Gone In 60 Seconds. As sequels tend to do, The Junkman felt the need to dial up the wreckage a notch from the first film. And that film set records for its time, crashing 93 cars in production. But Gone In 60 Seconds looks like your typical morning commute compared to The Junkman. When all was said and done, this production crashed over 150 cars on film, setting the Guinness World Record in the process. Don’t feel bad if you missed it. The entire film is available on YouTube!

*Honorable Mentions

Bad Boys 2

This film crashed 20 cars and a boat in its first 4 minutes!

Gone In 60 Seconds

Before Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie had their turn, this classic rocked the screen, making car wrecks an art form way back in 1974. Wanna see it? The whole thing is available on YouTube!

Final Destination 2

Over 20 cars bit the dust in this epic crash scene.

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Destructive, Car-Destroying Films In Movie History

  1. Edgar Nighy


    I have put together an infographic to celebrate the most awesome movie cars that you can actually drive. The infographic covers supercars, iconic cars, homemade replicas and, of course, The Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Batman films. After seeing your website, I thought I’d get in touch as this would appear to be the type of piece that would interest you and your audience.

    You can view the graphic here:
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  2. Nick

    According to IMDB, The Matri Reloaded almost doubled the record set by the Junkman:

    “103 cars were wrecked during filming, a world record at that time. This feat was exceeded two years later, when 150 cars (and a plane) were crashed for H.B. Halicki’s The Junkman (1982). That record in turn held for two decades, until over 300 cars were wrecked during the filming of The Matrix Reloaded (2003)… GM donated 300 cars for use in the production of the movie. All 300 were wrecked by the end.”

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