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For Applicants

Applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, or marine industry need to develop the career skills that employers are looking for. Our programs are taught by ASE-certified instructors who are committed to your success as a technician.

Our graduates, such as Carl Kennedy, credit our curriculum for their success:

“I credit my training at ATC for my acceptance into the Mercedes-Benz Elite program and my success in graduating number one in my class. Thanks, ATC, and to all my instructors. I would recommend ATC to anyone who is seeking a career as a technician.”

Like Carl Kennedy, our students can turn their passions into a career as an automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, or marine technician. A day in the life of an ATC student involves in-depth exposure to these growing industries. Students learn about the responsibilities of a professional technician and how to operate the major equipment they’ll use on a daily basis as part of their careers. On a campus tour, prospective students will see the labs and shops that our students use to become proficient technicians.