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Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology (AHP)

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Fast cars. Burning rubber. Raw fuel.

If you have a passion for muscle cars, racecars, and the equipment that allows them to surge from 0 to 60 in mere seconds, Automotive Training Center’s Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program may be for you.


Auto Technician School Exton | Warminster

The Automotive and Hi-Performance program at ATC is an engaging study of all aspects of the automobile and includes 3 separate courses dedicated to automotive engines. Over the course of an AHP education, you’ll develop your knowledge of engine principles and be led through the theoretical understanding of maximizing an engine’s performance by machining its parts to extremely finite tolerances.

Guided by ASE-certified instructors on real industry equipment, AHP students have the chance to perform multiple test runs on an engine and/or chassis dynamometer to chart their understanding, progress, and ultimate success with hi-performance engines.

With this inside and outside knowledge of engine capabilities, and hands-on experience applying the best practices for optimizing vehicle performance, Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology students can be eligible for a variety of entry-level positions upon graduation. In addition to the career paths listed in the Automotive Technology program, these include:

  • Automotive Machinist
  • Engine Builder
  • Performance Technician


What’s the difference between enrolling in ATC’s Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program vs. the Automotive Technology program?

The main difference between studying Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology versus Automotive Technology is the focus placed on engine exploration.

While Automotive Technology students learn about vehicle engines with a focus on maintaining optimal engine performance through routine maintenance, AHP students go through an in-depth engine education, focusing in on this crucial piece of performance equipment on a more intricate level. After developing advanced skills through experience, Hi-Performance students can go onto career paths in performance-driven fields like engine building or optimizing vehicles raced on professional speedways.

Being knowledgeable about how the engine specifically interacts with the rest of the vehicle means that AHP graduates can also pursue roles such as automotive technician, service consultant, or technical instructor (after a few years of in-the-field experience).

Where is Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology Taught?

Auto Technician School | Exton | Warminster

ATC’s AHP program is offered at both of our locations in southeastern PA: Exton and Warminster.

How do I learn more about what to expect from a Hi-Performance Auto School?

For an engine enthusiast looking to expand and develop their skillset, Hi-Performance Auto School is an exciting place to be! A mix of classroom studies and hands-on time in the shop provides well-rounded exposure to testing tweaks and modifications made under the hood. To learn more, we encourage you to take a peek at the Hi-Performance training section of the ATC blog.

I’m ready to get my education in gear! What’s the next step for applying?

Scheduling a campus tour at either our Exton or Warminster locations is the best way to learn more about ATC and see if Hi-Performance Technology is a fit for your interests and aspirations. If you’ve made your decision, learn how to apply to ATC today.